Traveling in Japan

Thankfully, getting around in Japan has been a fairly easy experience overall. However, my first few weeks arriving in Japan involved some trial and error.

While the buses can sometimes be confusing if you don’t know Kanji, having google maps and the data SIM cards they sell at Best Denki and at the airport are very  helpful for getting around.  Most of the bus routes can be viewed on your GPS which helps with the language barrier.

However, my favorite methods of transportation are the trains and the subways because they both typically have multiple language options and notifications for a lot of the different lines including English, Chinese, and Korean.

My favorite resource to use aside from google maps is called Hyperdia. It’s excellent for when you want to save money by taking the local train instead of the expensive Shinkansen and has saved me many times when getting from place to place.

Last but not least, the main websites you may want to check out for information on transportation are the JR website for the train and the Nishitetsu website for the bus.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about transportation in Japan.

Goodbye for now!


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