Ads and Sales- Book Launch

So I unfortunately had to launch with no customer reviews and 1 editorial review on day 1 of the book launch. I’m going to post the results of the book launch regarding ad spend and results for each day.

Note- As of right now I’m launching with a 4 star editorial review from Self-published reviews (a buddy site for Kirkus) and no customer reviews.

Pre-launch day–  The same day as the editorial review, I received 22 page reads and no sales.

Day 1

Total sales- 1

Page reads- 0


By authorlaunch day 1 statsAmazon–  No stats showing yet and no sales as far as I know.

Bknights– Looks like I might have gotten 1 sale from this newsletter promo. I spent extra for a bonus service, but for just the newsletter promo it’s about $7.

Day 2

Note- I got 2 customer reviews today towards the end of the day.

Total Sales- 1 (thank you writing community on Twitter) 

Page reads- 36 

Ads running


Amazon- only had 8 impressions and no ad spend…weird.

Conclusion so far–  For me the best way to get sales has just been being a part of a writing community and being confident and excited about your story. I will let you know if the newsletter ads work out better, but so far Amazon and Bookbubs was wasted money for me ads wise.

Day 3

Sales- 0

Page reads- 1

Amazon Ads– 13 impressions/ no clicks or sales

Bookbubs Ads– Spent about 6 dollars so far. 7 clicks and no sales.

Day 4

Note– I have 3 different 4 star reviews from customers now.

Sales- 1

Page reads- 0

Promotion on Fiver through Dracosama- Ad spend- $7

Amazon- $0 (Not really getting impressions, clicks, or sales from Amazon.)

Day 5

Sales- 0

Pages read- 0

Amazon ad (with automatic targeting)-


Day 6–  (I added an extra couple of days to the launch because this was the earliest I could schedule the promotion)

Note– I just got review #4 today.

Book Rebel–  $20  (Scheduled for August 19th)

Sales: 4

Pages Read: 0

This has by far been the ad that has gotten me the biggest mileage so far. I got 4 sales on the day of the promotion.


Bonus launch boost before the convention

Bargain Booksy- $25 (Scheduled for August 29th)

Sales: 5





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