Ads- What worked and didn’t work

Here I’m going to cover which things worked for me and what didn’t work for me. Keep in mind my options were a little limited because some of the big name advertisers won’t take novellas or only do free promos for novellas.


Worth it-

$7-Dracosama (Fiver specifically for fantasy)

$12-BKnights (Fiver)

$20-Book Rebel

Editorial reviews from reputable sources. Mine was through Self-published review.


(This was with 5 reviews and a 4 star average).

Bargain Booksy- $25


Not Worth it-

Amazon- Both ads got less than 100 impressions and I got 1 click and no sales or page reads. At least it wasn’t expensive to toy around with though.

Bookbubs (not the featured deal)– It was about 1 dollar per click and I received no sales or page reads as a result which was a bummer. It’s also expensive to toy with so you can end up dumping money for no reason.

$10-IBM books- Your book is buried in a sea of books.

$18-Twitter- lots of reach, but no sales and low click through.

$40-FB- High click through but no sales or page reads. Lots of impressions, but very pricey.

$30– Booksends (September 10th)

Sales(at 99 cents)


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