Getting Into Bookstores (Updated!)

Hi everyone,

I’m here to talk to you about getting into your local bookstores. Here are some main points that really helped me.

  • Have your own ISBN (not the free one).
  • Have print copies on hand for them to look at.
  • Ask in-person about getting your book in the store.
  • Start with local shops.
  • Bring business cards.
  • Make sure they know your genre.
  • Opt-in for events if possible

My In-store presence


Books and Books

Alright, now that we covered that. Here are the contacts, costs, etc for getting into the bookstore that I used, Books and Books in Coral Gables, FL.

Stocking fee$50

Split with the bookstore50/50

Managers to speak toKathy Steele or Jack.

Event coordinatorCristina Naste


Comic Stores

I’ve also gotten into a comic store called Loot Games and Comics. They partnered with Otakufest and I was able to get some copies in there on consignment.

Split with the comic store–  50/50  (if store credit)   40/60 if cash.


Broward County Library

Q- Where am I in the process?

A- I’m sending my 1st copy in for review this week.

Requirements (Pulled verbatim from the document I received)-

  • The author must be a BCL cardholder
  • The author must be self-published
  • The author must be a Broward County resident
  • The book must be a fiction adult, non-fiction adult or children’s book
  • The book must be in excellent circulation condition (e.g. sturdy bound, sewn, or glued)
  • The author must agree to donate a review copy

The following guidelines apply to title selected for the BCL local author collection:

  • The author agrees to donate at least 2 circulating copies
  • The author will provide a copy of one authentic positive review (e.g. Amazon, Publishers Weekly review)
  • The author agrees to assist in marketing their book while it is a part of the BCL collection




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