My Book Sales (Including Print) and My Sales Goals

I’m including my in-person and online sales here. My goal based on some online research is to hit at least 250 copies in 1 year. Why? The average traditionally published author sells 250 copies in the 1st year and about 5k in its life-time. I’m self-published and would be happy hitting that many copies in the first year. Obviously I’d love to sell more so that many people can enjoy my book, but this gave me an attainable goal. I will only be counting paid sales since my goal only applies to paid copies.

Online sales (E-book)157 copies paid

Online sales (Print book Amazon)8 copies

Online sales (Print Ingram)9 copies

Ingram Australia4 copies

Anime convention25 copies

Library Event #11 copy

Library Event #2 (Coconut Creek)1 copy

Anime convention #2 (during Covid)–  3 copies

Work-   3 copies

Neighbors1 copy.

Family and Family’s patients/co-workers–  24 copies

Friends Print sales2 copies

Page Reads4192 (equivalent to 23 full read throughs)

Total238 copies!

Income generated- $356.37

Side Note/ Unpaid copies

For those curious about unpaid copies, I did 3 book swaps at the con. 2 for books, and 1 for art.

Free Book promotion–  1295  E-books

Author Takeover Giveaway2 print books.

I also have 6 copies at Books and Books in Coral Gables which is on consignment.

I also gave away 2 copies to students of mine and 1 copy to a neighbor.

I gave away 1 copy during a talk at a high school

I donated 1 copy to the library-> Update– My book was accepted into the library, so I donated 2 more copies for their collection.

I donated 1 copy to Coffee Haus

Instagram giveaway from Spellbound goes to Japan- 1

Instagram giveaway (book box) – 6

Total with Free and paid1502 books

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