Free Promotions and Editorial Reviews for Your Book

Editorial Reviews

  1. Indies TodayThey had a realistic view of the pros and cons of the book, and I could tell they actually read it and weren’t making it up as they went. Another bonus is they featured my book on their page and got me some traffic and sales. Definitely worth submitting to. They also will only post and feature if it’s 3-5 stars so you don’t have to take the risk of unwanted negative publicity.

Free Book Promotion

I just recently applied to use these and will give you my feedback after they run on October 1st and 31st. Because these are free, you don’t get guaranteed spots, but for some of these you can pay to upgrade to a guaranteed spot.

  1. Awesome Gang will promote your Free e-book promotion for free. You also get the option to submit an author interview.
  2. Indie Book of the Day also allows you to promote your free e-book for free.
  3. Content Mo- Is a free promo for free e-book days and you can also add on a social media blast for 2.99 if you choose.
  4. Discount Book Man– They’re free to start and for a $15 ad on you can have your book featured.
  5. Book Goodies– Also allows you to advertise for free to start and then you can pay to upgrade.
  6. Indie Book of The Day– It’s recommended that you do this well in advance, about 30 days in advance, to better your chances.

If you’d like to hunt for more free book promotion options that won’t break the bank, you can check out this article.

That’s all for now. Have fun promoting!

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