Free Book Day (Promoting on a Budget)

My results-

Final Results Free

Hi everyone,

I had been looking into doing free promotion days, but I kept putting it off because I didn’t want to spend the money to promote a free book. When, I used free promotion methods the first time I just posted on FB and unloaded about 18 copies. This time I wanted better results without spending a lot of money so here’s what I did. Promotions are genre specific, so I included my genre. My results this time? 86 copies given away!

Total Free copies download100

Paid copies1 (I guess because Amazon starts the promo at 8am?)

My genre- YA historical fantasy/fairy tale

What I did to promote-

I did an author takeover with a popular romance author who specializes in diverse romance. Thank you Lyndell Williams.

I had a newsletter promotion with Dracosama (she did it as a free ad on since my first promotion didn’t happen on the correct day)

I promoted it in my newsletter (about 197 people)

I promoted on every book promotion site I’m a part of on FB and on my author page. (This did the least for me)

I got a free promotion (not guaranteed) through Content Mo (They gave me a decent boost/ about 1/3 of my clicks)

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and have already started setting up free promotions for my next free promo.


Here are some other free promotion sites I applied to as well that are free-

  1. Digital Books Today– The requirements for the free Top 100 free book of the day are 18+ reviews, 4.0+ rating on Amazon, and 100+ pages
  2. Discount Book Man– It’s free to start and $15 if you want to be featured as well.
  3. Free Book Gang– Free to start and $10 to be featured. They also list several other free promotion option on their own website. You can even do an author interview and have it posted on their website for free.
  4. My Book Place– It’s free with a paid featured option for I believe $25.
  5. Indie Book of The Day– It’s recommended that you do this well in advance, about 30 days in advance, to better your chances.

If you’d like to hunt for more free book promotion options that won’t break the bank, you can check out this article.

You can definitely promote your free e-book on a budget and for free it just takes more time and patience.

Hope this helps those of you looking to promote your free-book without breaking the bank ^^.


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