“War of the Twin Swords” Cost

This is my first effort at publishing and selling a short story, so I’m trying not to go too overboard on costs. I suspect this will be a loss leader, but I’m hoping it will be a good enticement for a new series that I’m working on. The costs are as follows:


Cover Art- $90 for a pre-made cover.

Full Wrap$25

Copyright–  $55

Sensitivity Reader #1$15

Sensitivity Reader # 2$45

Editing/ proofreading

  • Developmental editor 1–  $450
  • Developmental editor 2–   $107
  • Line edit$120
  • Proofreading$60

Formatting$0 (Formatted by a friend in Vellum)

ISBN/Barcode– $300/10= $30

Audio book$133.90


Instagram/Pinterest promotion$50

Review copies for influencers-  $40.96

Book Trailer$100

Total costs so far$1321.86

I had some beta readers look at it to keep costs down and will also be looking into free/cheap formatting options as well.

Note– I ended up splurging on the editing after it got picked up by a few influencers.

Barnes and Noble sales3 ( during a promo so royalty was 10 cents each)

Amazon sales28

Ingramsparks sales5

Total copies sold35

Audio sales

Audible sales6

Findaway voices sales13

Total= 19

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