Book Promoter’s Covid/Coronavirus Response

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d share this for anyone currently struggling with marketing and launching their book right now. If you had a book launch planned and it isn’t going well because of the current crisis, lack of funds from losing your main source of income, or some combination of both, you can check out these free and discounted resources for help.


  1. Written Word Media– Forever a gatherer of information and a helping hand for indie publishers. They are offering possible free promotion for authors that have been severely impacted by the current pandemic.
  2. Publisher’s Weekly– has a list of different events, special offers, and discounts being given to authors and publishers during this pandemic.
  3. Bookbub– They have some advice and humor regarding promoting your books during the pandemic.
  4. Creative Capital- Some grants and other resources for artists are listed here.
  5. Book Goodies– They have a 75% off promotion. The code is STAYHOME. They also have a wealth of resources for free book promotion.


Additionally, if you are in 20booksto50k some of the amazing people there have been offering support for their fellow authors. If I find any more resources, I will post them here in an effort to help as much as possible.

That’s all for now. Stay safe!

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