Royalties breakdown for 2020

Spellbound/Rose is Spellbound-

Amazon sales- 56

Page reads- 2595

Total $ from Amazon= $74.59

Gabriel is Cursed-

Amazon sales- 5

Total $ from Amazon- $10.10

War of the Twin Swords-

Amazon sales- 27

Total $ from Amazon- $9.17


Audible sales- 6

Total $ from ACX= $4.90

Findaway voices

Apple sales- 9

Total $ from Apple= $3.78

Chirp sales- 3

Total $ from Chirp- $1.35

Barnes and Noble=

Units sold-3

Royalties= $0.60

Ingramsparks is being put as other because I can’t view which books were sold when viewing for the whole year.


Units- 5

Total money= $4.92


Units- 4

Total money= $2.28


Units- 1

Total money= $1.78

Total across all platforms= $113.47

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