Amy’s Rebellion Publishing costs

This book is one where I'm trying to be more strategic in how I spend my money, so here's what I've invested into the book so far. Amount invested so far- Editing Sensitivity reader- $500Editor- $582Proofreader- $162 Art/Cover- E-book Cover- $112.50Print wrap- $40Character art- $150Character art prints- $26.50Map- $210 Misc- Copyright- $65 Promotion Bookmarks for … Continue reading Amy’s Rebellion Publishing costs

Royalties breakdown for 2020

Spellbound/Rose is Spellbound- Amazon sales- 56 Page reads- 2595 Total $ from Amazon= $74.59 Gabriel is Cursed- Amazon sales- 5 Total $ from Amazon- $10.10 War of the Twin Swords- Amazon sales- 27 Total $ from Amazon- $9.17 Audible Audible sales- 6 Total $ from ACX= $4.90 Findaway voices Apple sales- 9 Total $ from … Continue reading Royalties breakdown for 2020

My Marketing Plan for Gabriel is Cursed

Pre-launch/ Pre-order post teaser chapters and scenes for newslettercover reveal with help from street teampost teaser images on InstagramRun a free book promo (book doggy) for "Spellbound" Gather a review team (via newsletter and Twitter)Pre-order giveaway? Launch week Live stream launch party on YTDo several author takeoversStreet team posts on social mediaDo a few giveaways … Continue reading My Marketing Plan for Gabriel is Cursed


Pre-Order Competition

Who can enter the competition?    Anyone can enter the competition by pre-ordering Amy's Rebellion and filling out this form. What are the prizes? (Note: large physical prizes such as signed books are U.S. and Canada only unless specified otherwise. For international winners, if you have a specific prize you want, I will send it … Continue reading Pre-Order Competition


“Gabriel is Cursed”-Tracking Costs

Editing- ProWritingAid (2 year membership) - $70 , but really $0 because I got it as a gift. Developmental editing- $305.49 Line editing- $373 Proofreading/ One more content and line edit- $455   Cover Art- Sukesha Cover Art- $280   Formatting- Vellum- $250   ISBN/ Barcode- Did a bundle for about $300/10= $30 Barcode- $25 … Continue reading “Gabriel is Cursed”-Tracking Costs

Book Promoter’s Covid/Coronavirus Response

Hi everyone, I thought I'd share this for anyone currently struggling with marketing and launching their book right now. If you had a book launch planned and it isn't going well because of the current crisis, lack of funds from losing your main source of income, or some combination of both, you can check out … Continue reading Book Promoter’s Covid/Coronavirus Response


Tracking my Word Count with 4thewords

Year of 2019 October (1st month joining 4thewords)- Total- 9272 November- Total- 48,210--> total was closer to 52k, but it wasn't all done on 4thewords during Nanowrimo December- Total- 5723 Year of 2020 January- Total- 7,648 February- Total- 16,252 March- Total- 22,918 April- Total-  26,563 May- Total- 12,461 June- (Note- I was ghostwriting so I wrote … Continue reading Tracking my Word Count with 4thewords