Japan Here I Come

After spending an immense amount of time learning the difference between skis and catering to sometimes demanding clientele, I decided to apply for my dream job as an ALT abroad. I wanted to go out searching for my next big adventure. My preference was Japan and, after a brief phone interview and a nerve-racking in-person interview, I got a job teaching English in Japan.

I haven’t received my placement yet, so my time has been consisting of trying to learn Japanese and deciding where I want to visit: the hotel where you can sleep in a bookshelf, the array of cat cafes, and an amazing view of the cherry blossoms when they are in bloom. Hopefully, I will have some good news soon. Sometimes I worry if maybe the job isn’t real after all.

For now, I will be trying to have some final adventures in the states while writing and posting some of my fiction work. Goodbye until next time.

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