Is it worth it to stack promotions?

Now this isn’t going to be a one-size fits all answer, but I’m going to show you my results from a day where I stack promotions and the results from a day where I had only 1 promotion website running.


Promotion sites stacked-

E-book hound- $20

Book Barbarian- $35

Fussy Librarian- $28

ENT (E-reader News Today)- $40


Results as of 3:00pm EST-

6 sales

40 page reads

Honestly, it’s looking pretty dismal right now. I’m holding out hope that I’ll see bumps from 5pm to 8pm EST (around the time when people start getting home from work here and in California ).


Results as of 11:35 am EST on the 30th-


11 sales

40 page reads.


1 sale

8 page reads

I would overall say that for me it wasn’t worth it, but it was cool to get my first orange badge, so there’s that.

Best seller badge Paid

My orange badge paid

Here are the results for two websites where I didn’t stack promotions-

Book Rebel- $20  (September 10th)

Sales- 4


Bargain Booksy- $35








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