My Marketing Plan for Gabriel is Cursed

Pre-launch/ Pre-order

  • post teaser chapters and scenes for newsletter
  • cover reveal with help from street team
  • post teaser images on Instagram
  • Run a free book promo (book doggy) for “Spellbound”
  • Gather a review team (via newsletter and Twitter)
  • Pre-order giveaway?

Launch week

  • Live stream launch party on YT
  • Do several author takeovers
  • Street team posts on social media
  • Do a few giveaways with book 1

Post Launch

  • Do paid NL promotions –> Try for Bookbub
  • Character art giveaway
  • Do author takeovers
  • Craft and post character merch
    • book keychains
    • mugs
    • shirts
  • Do Q+A sessions about the book on YT
  • Work on growing NL
  • Convention?

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